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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Domestic DC Water Pumps Price GPH

Can Direct Current (DC) boat "bilge pumps" move your household water economically?

Bilge pumps specialize in:
  • Short-duration
  • High-volume (gallons per hour, gph)
  • Little head/lift
This niche is quite different from high head/lift well pumps or continuous-run solar pumps.

Rule of thumb = A DC bilge pump can lift half its rated gph a distance of 1 foot per 100gph of its rating (caution: very rough estimate, based on a first few consumer reports and manufacturer notes, subject to amendment).

Supply (pump cost and performance estimate):

$10-20 = 360-500gph = 3-5ft @ 150-250gph
$25-50 = 1,000gph = 10ft @ 500gph (600gph in one report)

Demand = 120gph (2gpm) for today's faucets and shower heads, and 80-100 gallons per person per day (20-150 at the extremes).

Possible applications:
  • Raise water to sink level, shower level, or 2nd-story level, depending upon size of pump.
  • Daisy-chain pumps like canal locks.
  • Use for basement sump pump, shop, garage, shed, pool cabana, RV, camping, cabin, or off-grid home.
  • Control with a manual start and stop toggle switch, manual "momentary on" switch, or an automatic float switch.
Cost Effectiveness

These cheap bilge pumps can last years. Even some other pumps that cost over $100 have diaphragms that might need replacement after years. Multiple cheap pumps provide mutual backups and swapping flexibility. Heck, you could keep a basket of the $10 Wal-Mart bilge pumps.


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