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Friday, November 30, 2007

Maximize Living Space without Hallways: Inexpensive Floor Plans Part 2

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Hallways: The Living Space Thief

Hallways rank among the worst design features:
  • Create narrow, claustrophobic feel.
  • Create traffic blockages with open closet doors, etc.
  • Can (transversely) impair flows of light, heat, ventilation, view, etc.
  • Can rob you of at least a closet and possibly a small room when compared to an alternate allocation of the total floor's square footage.
  • Make whole house "feel" smaller.
Designing a floor plan so that common rooms (living room, kitchen) are at a nexus of private rooms (non-through-traffic rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms):
  • Allows the common rooms to do double-duty as a hallway function.
  • Allows larger living areas (living rooms, bedrooms) with the same floor square-footage and wall perimeter.
  • Makes the whole house "feel" larger.