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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Heating Homes with Wood Stoves

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  • An angled flue pipe that meanders through the living area transfers more heat to the living area than a vertical fluepipe, although some say that you get a cleaner burn with a vertical pipe.
  • Magnetic flue-pipe thermometers are an easy way to monitor heating temperature.
  • Below is an excerpt from a useful webpage on home-heating with wood (which says that efficiency is 10% for tradtional fireplaces, 20% for metal-lined fireplaces, and 55-65% for airtight, controlled, wood stoves):

Listed below are various species of wood, measured in one air-dried cord, and their equivalents to other heat sources (with a snapshot of prices but check your current, local prices for cost efficiency):

Hickory, Hop hornbeam (Ironwood), Black locust, White oak, and Apple are equal to 146 gallons of fuel oil ($314), 174 therms of natural gas ($73), and 3,800 KWH of electricity ($304) . - Mixed wood $55.00 - $80.00

Beech, Sugar maple, Red oak, Yellow birch, and White ash are equal to , 133 gallons of fuel oil ($287), 160 therms of natural gas ($67), and 3,500 KWH of electricity($280).- Mixed wood $60.00.

Gray and Paper birch, Black walnut, Black cherry, Red maple, Tamarack (Larch), and Pitch pine are equal to 114 gallons of fuel oil ($246), 136 therms of natural gas($57), and 3,000 KWH of electricity($240).- Mixed wood $60.00.

American elm, Black and Green ash, Sweet gum, Silver and Bigleaf maple, Red cedar, and Red pine are equal to, 103 gallons of fuel oil ($222), 123 therms of natural gas($52), and 2,700 KWH of electricity($216).- Mixed wood $60.00.

Poplar, Cottonwood, Black willow, Aspen, Butternut, Hemlock, and Spruce are equal to 86 gallons of fuel oil ($165), 102 therms of natural gas($43), and 2,200 KWH of electricity($176).- Mixed wood $60.00.

Basswood, White pine, Balsam fir, and White cedar are equal to, 73 gallons of fuel oil which costs about$163.67, 87 therms of natural gas which costs about $36.65, and 1,900 KLWH of electricity ($152). - Mixed Wood $60.00.


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