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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cheap Wall Border Accents Room

A quick and cheap way to add oomph to or rejuvenate a room is to add a cheap wall border. Instead of wallpapering the entire wall, go with a simple base paint and then add a cheap wall border that accents the base color or appliance/furniture colors.

You can add a sunny flower wall border to a country-style kitchen, for instance. You also can get cheap wall borders with leaf and scroll, nature, Asian art, sports teams, colleges, toys, or comic-book heroes for bedrooms, offices, or playrooms to match the personality of any family member.

These cheap wall borders come in rolls at discount stores, are like simple adhesive stickers, and go up in minutes. Make sure the wall surface is clean and dry. Then, make sure the wall border is straight (not sagging or angled) and carefully use a razor knife to cut around objects if necessary.


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